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The anchovies are cured in salt in a traditional way. This process starts by carefully maturing the anchovy fillets in brine, which takes a whole year.

The process does not involve sterilization, so the anchovies are considered to be semi-preserved and should be refrigerated.

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Cockles are a bivalve mollusk that can be found along our Galician coasts in droves. They usually live in tidal flats or at river mouths. The European species, Cerastoderma edule, can be found across Atlantic coastlines. Cockles have a rich sea flavor that is very distinctive and characteristic.

In addition to the cockles found across the different Atlantic coasts, we also produce the highly-prized seasonal cockle. Although they can only be picked during a few months of year from the famous Galician estuaries, they can be enjoyed year-round either by themselves or with a few drops of lemon, by simply opening a can.

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Garfish, also known as sea needle, is a quintessential Galician preserve, with an intense flavor and firm flesh. It gets its name from its long, winding body and needle-shaped head. This nutritious fish will delight even the most discerning of palates with its intense marine flavor.


Baby eels, like their name suggests, are juvenile eels, a freshwater fish with an elongated body that spawn in the sea. They are 6-8 centimeters (2-3 inches) in length and just 3 millimeters wide, with a vermiform, transparent, and compact body. The baby eels are caught in river mouths, while on their journey from the spawning grounds in the high seas towards

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Mackerel is an oily fish also known as Atlantic mackerel, Spanish mackerel and shiner. Its bright green back with wavy black bands going halfway down their sides make it easy to distinguish.

This fish is highly valued for its flavor and texture.

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Mollusks are invertebrate animals with a soft body and a protective shell. They live in the ocean attached to rocks or buried in the sand, like in the case of razor clams and clams. They feed on plankton, an aquatic microorganism, by filtering the seawater. They normally live in regions with temperate climates, as these are the areas where they survive and grow best.

Bivalve mollusks are very important to food culture and gastronomy.

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An oily fish known to be high in omega-3, the horse mackerel, is a very characteristic local catch. It’s flesh has an extraordinarily smooth texture.

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This fish belongs to the Gadidae family. With firm white flesh and a delicate flavor, it lives in the cold depths of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is the most frequently consumed white fish in Europe and one of the most popular worldwide.

We work with the species Gadus morhua, hailing from the North Atlantic. Our cod is salted on board, meaning it is processed fresh on the very boat that caught it. Our Biscayan Cod is a traditional Conservas Valcárcel recipe that is over 100 years old.

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Our salads are canned with 25% tuna and a variety of top-quality vegetables. This combination of ingredients provides a mixture of flavors that makes them unique and very balanced products that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. They are practical salads that you can take anywhere, ready to serve and enjoy.

The salad in light mayonnaise sauce adds a touch of freshness to a classic Spanish recipe. Its mix of potatoes, vegetables, and oily fish make it the ideal combination of flavors to enjoy anytime.

The California salad is made using the best vegetables, accompanied by a succulent serving of tuna. Corn adds the characteristic sweetness to the salad.

Only the best garden vegetables are used in our Mediterranean salad. When combined with tuna, the result is a perfect combination of Mediterranean flavors, all in one can. These three combinations carefully balance vegetable garden flavors with the intense marine saltiness added by the tuna.

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These bivalve mollusks are a type of scallop also known as zamburiñas. They feed on plankton by filtering the seawater. Their small size gives them a better taste and texture.

This raw ingredient is served in a scallop sauce, inspired by a very traditional Galician shellfish recipe.

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Surimi originates from Japan, a country that has been making it for over 500 years. Translated literally, it means “ground fish muscle”. It is a processed fish product shaped like a baby eel and obtained from grinding, washing, and sieving the fish. White saltwater fish are used to obtain surimi. Among these types of fish, Alaska pollock has the best quality and is what we use at Conservas Valcárcel.

It is an exquisite food that can be used in salads, scrambled eggs, or simply as a complement to fish dishes.

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