Sometimes nature brings exceptional products of a superior quality. These deserve to be treated differently, handled by expert hands with the greatest care.

When ALL of the optimal conditions are met, we are able to offer you a very special product line, VIGILANTE® CENTENARIO, which honors all our traditions so that you can enjoy the best the sea has to offer.

Cockles thrive in the fine sand beaches of the Galician estuaries. They feed off the abundant plankton in these extraordinary waters, which are perfect for supporting all kinds of life.

They are caught by hand each year by shellfish gatherers that wade through the low tide or by fishermen on small boats using dredges.

Valcárcel selects them from an area of the Rías Baixas that produces especially good cockles, the Noia estuary. We prepare them in brine based on our generations of experience so they can retain the subtle aroma of the sea in their delicate, fragile flesh.

Every spring, young white tuna cross the Atlantic to reach Galicia and the Cantabrian Sea, in pursuit of the best anchovies and sardines.

There, they are caught individually by artisan fishermen using fishing rods and live bait. They have an intense flavor reflecting the cold waters where they grow and feed.

Valcárcel selects the best albacore tuna and cans it in olive oil, respecting our traditions during this process.

With the onset of spring, shoals of squid emerge from the depths of the ocean in search of shallower waters where they are caught.

We prepare the tender and delicious flesh of this mollusk in the traditional way. After carefully cleaning the baby squid, the tube is turned inside out, so it is stuffed with its own tentacles. This is all done by hand and olive oil is added to round off its flavor.

The Galician estuaries are a privileged place for marine life, especially for the natural reproduction of the best mussels.

For the VIGILANTE® CENTENARIO line, we wait for just the right moment to select the most outstanding specimens with the highest-quality meat and most ideal size.

These unique pieces are then prepared with the utmost care and canned in the traditional Galician way, following our special recipe. This includes gently browning them in oil, which rounds out their distinctive taste.

The octopus, a resident of rocky seabeds and underwater meadows, is one of Galician’s main delicacies.

We select the best 1-2 kilogram (2-4.5 pound) specimens, and after they are cleaned and cooked to perfection, they are cut into slices by hand.

This artisan process is completed by canning the octopus in virgin olive oil that has been carefully tasted and selected to provide the best color, aroma, and acidity.

Huge shoals of sardines roam the seas in search of food or to spawn near the coasts. Their silver scales make them easy to spot on dark nights with a new moon, moving like a softly glowing cloud. This is how the artisan fleet finds and catches them.

They have an intense flavor and are very healthy given their high omega-3 content.

Conservas Valcárcel picks the best sardines from the Cantabrian Sea, which are fished at the ideal time. They are processed fresh, maintaining their properties, and they are canned with olive oil.

Baby sardines have all of the healthy qualities of the sardine, such as high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, while offering a more delicate texture.

They are carefully prepared by expert artisan hands and preserved in high-quality olive oil.

The white tuna is an exceptional fish, and the tuna belly, called ventresca, is the juiciest part.

Its balance of gelatin and oils give it a delicate texture like no other.

Valcárcel chooses the best ventresca fillets and prepares them separately by hand to preserve the exceptional qualities of this delicacy. The fillets are cleaned by hand, and simmered one by one. They are then covered in olive oil and cooked to perfection.

Variegated scallops live in deep waters, on clean, firm sand banks close to the coasts. They are a highly prized mollusk due to their exquisite flesh

. We carefully select the best specimens, then meticulously clean them and manually remove the hepatopancreas. After that, they are preserved in vieira (scallop) sauce that is cooked in small batches using only top-quality natural ingredients, like Albariño wine, which enhances their flavor.

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