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Quality - Conservas Valcárcel


Quality from start to finish

We have increased our quality demands based on our experience and the most recent technological developments to remain competitive. We have established controls at every stage of the process, from the preliminary product selection to final distribution.

Our working conditions and environments are rigorously adapted to the latest health and environmental regulations. Our production system applies a risk management system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, in accordance with both European Legislation (EC Regulation 852/2004) and the requirements outlined in CFR Title 21 Part 123 of the Code of Federal Regulations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Our management system has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard since 1997. Our system has also been certified according to the IFS Food V6.1 standard since 2019. This guarantees the highest possible quality and food safety standards are maintained during processing and in the products manufactured. The standard is internationally recognized and is part of the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Health and sustainability, guaranteed

We consider health guarantees to be of the utmost importance when exporting products. For this reason, Conservas Valcárcel has obtained the level 2 SAE certification for specific self-control systems that apply when exporting to countries with requirements that differ from European ones, within the framework of Royal Decree 993/2014. That is why we have followed the most stringent regulations from other countries such as the American FDA throughout our long history.

Committed to the sustainable supply of fish and seafood products, at Conservas Valcárcel we are working on protecting ocean life by following sustainable fishing practices. We are committed to a healthy future, in which we can all continue to enjoy fish and seafood products.

We believe in environmental efficiency. Most of the cartons we use to package our canned products are manufactured using recycled cardboard. We adhere to integrated management systems overseen by Ecoembes and DSD (Der Grüne Punkt). This way, we ensure compliance with packaging laws and contribute to recycling efforts.

Committed to the environment, we contribute our grain of sand by betting on the consumption of preserves made with organic ingredients. For this, we are certified by the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture of Galicia (CRAEGA) with Operators Registry number GA/03514/I.

But most importantly, in addition to incorporating the most advanced technology and providing thorough training for our staff, everyone who works at Conservas Valcárcel Valcárcel is committed to quality. This is how we pass every single assessment, both internal assessments and those carried out by external laboratories.

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