Squid is one of the cephalopods that we work with at Conservas Valcárcel. These have an elongated tube-shaped body, in which two triangular fins can be distinguished at its upper end. It is covered by a smooth pink skin, almost transparent. The limestone shell inside is very peculiar as a skeleton. To move, it expels pressurized water through a tube as a siphon. To camouflage himself from his enemies, he has the ability to adapt his color to that of the environment and, if he is harassed, he shoots a jet of black ink.

It is the marine animal that has the highest proportion of edible parts in its entire body (between 60 and 80%). It is found in all the seas and oceans of the world.

Its ink is used for cooking and preparing stews.

This raw material adapts to varied and appetizing preparations.

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