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It is the most precious tuna and the scarcest. It has a scaly and oval body, and its back is an outstanding dark blue color, with a whitish belly. It is easy to recognize by its longer central fin, measuring more than two-thirds the length of the fish. The average size is around 75 cm., and about 10 kg in weight. It is a migratory species and, due to the delicate color of its meat and the geographical area of its origin, it is marketed under the names ABLANCO TUNA or NORTH TUNA (Thunnus Alalunga).

Bonito del Norte is fished by rod, in the Cantabrian Sea, during the months of July and August to be prepared at its optimum moment of fat and texture.

Especially appreciated is the belly meat, known as ventresca, for its delicate flavor and texture.

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