Tuna Pastry
- Tuna Pastry
- 2 medium sized cans of tuna in oil
- 600 g of puff pastry
- 250 g of fresh crushed tomato
- 1 green pepper
- 1/2 red pepper
- 1 egg
- Butter
- Flour
- 1 medium sized onion
- 1 garlic clove, olive oil and salt.

Fry the diced onion and garlic with the peppers cut into thin slices. When tender, add the tomato and a pinch of salt. When the sauce is ready, pass through a sieve, add the crumbled tuna after draining the oil. On a floured table spread out half of the pastry, making it 5 cm larger than the mould to be used. Line the mould with pastry after greasing with butter and sprinkling on flour, prick the pastry with a fork. Pour in the fried tomato sauce and tuna then cover over with another layer of pastry. With a brush, paint the whole surface with beaten egg to give it a shiny finish. Finally, place in a preheated oven at high temperature (200º C) until brown and well cooked. Remove from the mould and serve warm or cold.
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