Eggs with anchovies
- 4 hard-boiled eggs
- 2 cans of anchovies in oil
- 2 canned red peppers
- 2 carrots
- 4 tomatoes
- 1 lettuce
- 100 g. of black pitted olives
- 1 small can of artichokes
- 1 cup of mayonnaise
- 1 lemon
- 1/2 glass of virgin olive oil
- salt.

Wash the lettuce, dice very finely and place in the centre of a round serving dish.
Cut not too ripe tomatoes in half, remove seeds and place face upward in the serving dish, forming a crown around the lettuce. Place half a hard-boiled egg in each tomato with the yolk visible.
Sprinkle with grated carrot and very finely sliced olives.
Cut peppers into slices and arrange in the centre, on the lettuce, making a star.
Place artichokes between the tomatoes, alternating pieces of tomato with artichoke. Spread mayonnaise on artichokes. Lastly, spread rolled anchovy fillets around the serving dish. When serving, dress all ingredients with a mixture of virgin oil, lemon juice and salt.

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