Mackerel crispy salad
- 1 can mackerel in olive oil
- 2 Mexican corn tortillas
- 1 jar boiled chickpeas
- 1 tomato
- Gherkins in vinegar
- 1 leek
- Varied sprouts
- Raspberry vinegar
- Fresh coriander
- Sunflower oil

Cut the corn tortillas in regular triangles and fry them in abundant sunflower oil until crunchy and set aside.
Smash the previously washed chickpeas with a fork and add the tomato, the coriander and 5 gherkins all finely chopped. Dress with some drops of raspberry vinegar.
Put a layer of the chickpeas mixture and cover with the corn triangles (nachos). Place the mackerel fillets in olive oil on top. Serve with the sprouts and the green part of leek cut into julienne strips.

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