White tuna Ó la provenšale
- 250 g. of onion
- 2 soup spoonfuls of oil
- 1 glass of white wine
- 1 glass of stock or water
- 1 soup spoonful of flour
- 3 small cans of white tuna
- 1 clove of garlic
- salt
- pepper
- 1 bay leaf
- paprika
- breadcrumbs.

Dice the onion finely and brown in a frying pan with two spoonfuls of oil.
Add crushed garlic and the bay leaf.
Sprinkle on flour and stir in well, avoiding lumps.
Add wine, stock, salt and pepper.
Cook on a slow heat, stirring to prevent thickening.
Place the white tuna slices on an oven dish and pour on the preserve oil.
Pour the sauce onto the white tuna.
Sprinkle on breadcrumbs generously.
Leave in the oven for approximately 10 minutes.

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