Octopus bites
- 2 cans octopus in olive oil
- 1 leek
- Piquillo peppers
- 12 almonds
- Varied lettuces
- Olive oil

Precooked corn flour, 120 ml whole milk, 35 g butter, Salt

Heat the milk and the butter up to 60 ºC and add 250 g of precooked corn flour and a pinch of salt. Stir well the mixture so as the dough has no lumps. Make small flat round cakes of 60 grams of weight approximately. Brown them on a griddle with some drops of olive oil and set aside.
Cut the leek into slices and 8 piquillo peppers into strips. Sauté them briefly on a high heat with two spoonful of olive oil. Place the octopus on the corn pancakes carefully.
Serve with dressed varied lettuces mixed with a handful of almonds.

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