recetas con atún
- Piquillo peppers stuffed with tuna
- Tuna à la mirotón
- Scrambled tuna and cheese
- Spaghetti à la marinière
- Chilled tomatoes with anchovies and tuna
- Tuna Quiche

recetas con bonito
- White tuna à la provençale
- Tomatoes stuffed with white tuna
- Cannelloni filled with tuna
- Asparagus mold with white tuna
- Cantabrian Pizza
- Tuna Pastry
- Scrambled eggs with white tuna and spinach
- Filet of white tuna timbale

- Spaghetti à la marinière
- Fish in Cockle sauce
recetas con calamares
- Cuttle Fish with Almond sauce
- Mushrooms with Cuttle Fish
- Whole squid with olive sauce
- Sautéed vegetables with cuttlefish
recetas con mejillones
- Rice with mussels
- Potatoes with Mussels
- Cantabrian Pizza
- Spaghetti à la marinière
- Instant mussel stew
recetas con sardinas
- Sardines Rovico
- Sardines with Ratatouille Alicante style
- Sardines with gnocchi and tetilla cheese
- Small sardines on creamy carrot rice
recetas con pulpo
- Octopus La Rioja style
- Octopus Cantabrian style
- Octopus bites
recetas con anchoas
- Eggs with anchovies
- Niçoise salad with anchovies
- Chilled tomatoes with anchovies and tuna
- Anchovy toast with scrambled egg
- Cantabrian Pizza
- Cup of anchovies and melon
recetas con caballa
- Mackerel à la marinière
- Courgettes with Mackerel
- Vegetable sauté with Mackerel
- Mackerel crispy salad
recetas con jureles
- Matelote mackerel
- Horse Mackerel with Peppers